Thursday, December 1, 2011

"You are Here"

I am often asked how I got the idea to turn dead electronics into works of art like those shown on  

I am a scientist and was working with scientists and engineers to build instruments in pursuit of new medical devices.  I must have had an arrogant day - I thought I could perhaps fix a problem with my video recorder, even though I had no training or knowledge other than the ability to see that something had burned out.  I couldn't fix it but it sure fixed that arrogant feeling.

It must have been a creative day, too, because I experienced a corner-of-the-eye view that made me see electronics as an art medium.  I couldn't ignore the concept so I learned how to paint and construct sculptures using circuit boards, wires and shiny metal bits.

It took a while before I was comfortable sharing and even longer to be comfortable adding artist to my full-grown scientist self-image. 

"You are Here", 1998  2.75" x 4.75" x 0.75", acrylic on circuit board, NFS.
My first ever piece is shown here - titled "You are Here" like the mall maps with a green dot.  There are probably 50 coats of paint (I learned how to prepare the surface soon after) and it is very crude.  

"You are Here" represents a view of the dark spaces within - the bright spots and few colors are floating above the dark field - some even hang out over the edge into empty space.  The green dot was me and I wasn't sure where I was.  

My work has turned to mostly brighter - even lighted - works but I know there is much good to be found exploring in the dark.

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